Sailing trip PART 1: Blue Lagoon & Maslinica

sailing trip croatia

If there’s one thing you should do while in Croatia is to go on a sailing trip. With more than a thousand islands and a beautiful bright blue sea, there’s no doubt this is one experience you shouldn’t miss.

Since I arrive in Croatia I was eager to go on a sailing trip but unfortunately, they are quite expensive. Lucky for me, I manage to go on one with ESN Split! In case you don’t know, ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network; the Erasmus program allows European students to attend classes in a foreign university for 1 or 2 semesters. There are multiple ESN organizations all throughout the major European cities. They help Erasmus students getting to know the city where they’ll studying for the semester; they also organize events and trips in order to integrate everyone.

The departure

ESN Split organized this sailing trip. In total, we were around 20 people and the group was separated in two. Basically, the 1st group would start by going on the sailing boat and 2nd group would go on the motorboat; then we would change. That way everyone could experience the different boats.

sailing trip croatia

First stop: the Blue Lagoon

My group and I started the trip with the sailing boat. In the beginning, it was a bit challenged because there was no wind. And obviously, wind is essential for a sailing boat to sail! After receiving the safety instructions given by our skipper, he turned on the sailing boat motor’s and we started moving.

sailing trip croatia

Eventually, the wind appeared and we manage to actually sail. I was caught by surprise when the skipper let us know that we’d actually have to help him drive the boat. In order for the boat to go forward, there are ropes that need to be pulled so that the sails changed position. Long story short: everyone had a little arm workout during the trip! The funniest part was when the boat turned – I swear there was a point where the boat was tilted 90°… Every time the boat turned, we had to move from one side of the boat to the other, to avoid being completely wet.

sailing trip croatia

Finally, we arrive in the Blue Lagoon, on Drvenik island. In Croatian, it is actually known as Krknjaši bay. But there is a reason why it’s called Blue Lagoon… and yes, it’s because the water is very very blue. There were a ton of boats mooring in this bay. It’s the perfect place to swim and snorkel, to relax and admire the beauty of the wonderful Blue Lagoon.

sailing trip croatia

Second stop: Maslinica, Šolta island

Before leaving the Blue Lagoon, the groups changed boats. Therefore, my group and I head to our next stop in a motorboat. In about 10 minutes, we arrive in Maslinica, on the island of Šolta. We jumped from the boat and swam to the shore, to a pebble beach.

sailing trip croatia

After enjoying the wonders of the island life, we headed to a coffee place near Maslinica’s marina for an iced coffee.

While I was drinking my coffee, I realized how many sailing boats and catamarans were anchored in Maslinica. And it’s not just in Šolta, when I was in Vis I noticed the same exact thing. Even when we were sailing, it’s incredible the number of vessels that you see sailing through the Adriatic sea.

sailing trip croatia

If you want to know where I sailed next during this sailing trip, stay tuned!

At this stage in the trip, I was already satisfied. If it had to end in Maslinica, I would have been happy. Just the experience of being on a sailing boat and sail somewhere… just that is something I had never experienced before. The wind on your face and the sea breeze, everything is so relaxing. Seeing the different islands in the Adriatic, wave to a crew on a different boat that you don’t even know, pull the ropes and work in a group.

But the trip didn’t end here, another stop, another place…

sailing trip croatia


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