Krka National Park & the famous Skradinski buk

krka national park croatia

Krka National Park is extremely popular amongst foreigners. As a Portuguese girl that fits in that category, I was obviously very excited to visit.

Located in Šibenik, the Krka river covers a total area of 109 km² and it has an extraordinary diversity of fauna and flora.

My visit to the park

I’ve been living in Split for the past few months. From Split, it’s fairly easy to reach the park as it takes about 1h30 car drive to get there. And that’s what I did!

I visited Krka at the end of March and I managed to pay 20kn entrance – from November to March, the entrance prices are cheaper and because I had my student card I had an additional discount.

You might be thinking that in the month of March the weather would be sucky,  but no! I was extremely lucky and it was sunny and warm, a perfect day to visit the perfect place.

Entering the park

Parking in Krka National Park is free for all visitors. To reach the Lozovac entrance from the parking lot, I had to go down a steep rocky path (note that there are multiple entrances to the park). I was unlucky because when I visited the park the road to this entrance was being renovated and so walk it was, no other choice for me.

As I reached the Lozovac entrance, I started hearing the sound of the water. I was so happy and excited that I was finally going to enjoy nature and the waterfalls. I was instantly amazed by the views around me: the trees and plants, the river running right by my feet as I took the forest path.

krka national park croatia

krka national park croatia

Skradinski buk

The Skradinski buk is the most visited waterfall on the Krka River and it was the one I visited. The trail to reach the Skradinski buk is very pleasant – you are surrounded by tons of flora and the views are just incredible.

Seeing the waterfall was breathtaking, I had no words. There is something about having so much nature around you, it feels liberating and peaceful.

krka national park croatia

The park actually allows people to swim in the Skradinski buk – how many people can say they swam near a waterfall? Unfortunately, not me… it was March, let’s not push it!

Near the waterfall, there’s a restaurant/bar where I drank a coffee, a must. Also, there’s a souvenir shop, so you can buy magnets, postcards, and many other gifts.

The way back

On my way back I got lost, which is stupid because there are tons of signs and arrows that indicate the right way to go. I only realized I was lost because I reached a dead end (typical) where I found this amazing view:

krka national park croatia

Glad I got lost!

What else can you visit on Krka National Park

Visovac is located in the middle of the Krka River. With a Franciscan Monastery and a Church from the 15th century, the Visovac Island and Lake can be visited by boat. The park organizes excursions that include a 30-minute tour of the island.

The Roški slap is another waterfall that can be found in the park (note that “slap” means waterfall in Croatian). At the start of the barrier, there are multiple small cascades that the locals like to call “necklace”. Roški slap can be reached by road or boat (the boat excursion last 3.5 hours and includes a tour of Visovac Island).

The Krka Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery that stores remarkable books, manuscripts, and several artistic artifacts. The monastery was named after the Krka River and you can also visit a church that’s located nearby. The Krka Monastery can be reached by road or by boat.

The Manojlovac slap is the tallest waterfall of the river, with a total height of 59.6 meters (the Skradinski buk’s height is about 45 meters). Take into consideration that during the warmer months of the year, this waterfall is dry – the water is redirected to a nearby village. The best way to reach this waterfall is by car; once you’re there, the waterfall can be accessed from the road.

The archaeological site Burnum is located nearby the Manojlovac slap. Burnum was once a Roman military camp. Nowadays you can see its ruins: a military amphitheater and multiple walls and arches that are still standing.

Overall I absolutely loved visiting the Krka National Park. Although I only explored a small part of the park, I was amazed by what I saw and had the opportunity to experience. It was one of the first places I visited while being in Croatia and it exceeded my expectations. I totally recommend it!

krka national park croatia

For more information about the Krka National Park, click here.

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