Hey mama, ja volim Hajduka!

hajduk split

So far, I’ve been living in Split for quite some time now. Therefore, it felt almost obligatory to go to at least one Hajduk game. In total, I lived here for almost 11 months (how time passes fast…).

I was never a big fan of football, never went to any football match in my home country, Portugal. But because my friends in Split were big Hajduk supporters, I just went along.

Hajduk is based here, in Split, and it was founded in 1911. Torcida is the name of the Hajduk supporters. The club’s home stadium is called Poljud.

hajduk split

The religion

Hajduk is basically the religion is Split. All over the city, you’ll see quotes supporting the club. Also, the club’s emblem in walls, garage doors, building, you name it.

hajduk split

First impressions

The first live football match I watched was here in Split. I think I pretty much had the same first impression as everyone else,  which was “damn, it looks so bigger on tv”! I saw Hajduk playing 4 times in Poljud: with Rijeka (2x), Osijek and Istra.

hajduk split

While Torcida fans can be quite an excited group (let’s put it that way), I have never felt unsafe whatsoever going to a game. You see tons of parents going with their kids, which proves exactly my point.


I said “excited group”, right? Because they are. The north part of Poljud, where Torcida fans gather, is unstoppable. They basically jump, sing, wave Hajduk’s flags all throughout the game. Yes, I admit: I sometimes spend more time looking at them jumping than actually looking at the game… the players look so tiny down there, what can I say 😉

Often times, the excitement becomes a bit too extreme. In one of the games with Rijeka, one hooligan jumped on the field and he was chasing the referee with an iron bar. Finally, the police decided to appear and they took him out. In case you’re wondering, the game ended 1-1.

Also, in all the games I attended there were always fireworks. Torcida‘s benches turn bright red, looks like this:

hajduk split

One time, there was so much smoke I couldn’t even see the field. (made a little snap at the time)

hajduk split

I had so much fun going to Hajduk games. I can tell you that 1h45 pass in a blink of an eye and recommend you to go watch a match as well.

I’ll leave you with one of the supporting songs, I learned it with my friends. I’ll also leave a link to a video where you can listen and see how does it sound in Croatian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdbrdMh5wqs 😂

“Hey mama mama mama

Znaj da više, ne volim te ja

Ja volim samo jedno, ja volim Splitske bijele

Hej mama, ja volim Hajduka!”

hajduk split


Visit the official Hajduk website here.

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